Forte A2
Brand : Forte A2
Validade: 3 months
Storage conditions

Ambient temperature 23 to 25ºC on pallets.

Recommendations and allergens

Stock rotation and contains gluten.

Category: Rations
Product Use / Description

Supply the birds, from 22 days of life until slaughter Method of preparation: mix 40% of Concentrate A2 + 60% of broken corn


protein raw materials of animal and vegetable origin, essential amino acids, Premix, Mineral salts, inhibitors of mycotoxins and coccidiostats.


Cargo trucks or containers properly cleaned and / or treated against infestation and covered with waterproof tarpaulin and free of strange odors.

Nutritional value
Parameter Specification
Protein,% Min, 18
Fat, % Max, 6.5
Fiber,% Max, 5.52
Humidity, % Max, 11
Ashes,% Max, 5.52
Calcium, % Min, 0.59
Phosphor, % Max, 0.69
Sodium,% Max, 0.23