This factory is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for the production of long and short pastas began its operations in February 2010.

Maputo features a line of long pasta (spaghetti) with a capacity of 48 tons/day and short pasta also with a capacity of 48 ton/day. We also have a full range of long pasta in Beira with a capacity of 84 tons/day.

In the domestic market, our pasta, Bela, has been gaining notability, which proves the consumer preference for quality and consistency.

Our pastas make a healthy and tasty meal. They have a unique golden color and are rich in fibber – made with natural grains, traditionally handled in the mills. The pastas always remain perfect at cooking, and you can enjoy their distinct taste whenever you want, either with simple and light sauces, or according to your favorite recipes.

We have a pasta factory in Maputo and Beira .


A pasta dish is all that and more. And we know it because, for more than 18 years, we have been producing it with the utmost attention and quality.