In 1998, the foundation of Merec Industries SA started the production of maize meal in the first milling factory located in Machava (30 km from Maputo City). This unit has a capacity of 100 tons of product output per day.

In 2001, a wheat mill was opened, with a capacity of 140 tons/day. The state of art Buhler has mills in the three regions of Mozambique south, centre and north. In total, we have a capacity of 1.540 tons per day.

Our silos storage capacity increased from 13,000 tons to 20,800 tons by 2009.

Our different flours are made in the country’s most modern flour mills, with high-tech equipment and combined with strict controls of the raw materials converging on production quality. To meet the needs of customers and partners, the industry has mill diagram for comprehensive and special flours with different production.

Our flour is the result of research and different manufacturing techniques, which rely on the monitoring of wheat, from planting to harvest, resulting in a high standard of quality flour. Thus, wheat flour provides much tastier products.

Our wheat mills are in Machava, Socimol, Beira and Nacala.


We always try and select carefully to get the best flour. For these rigorous processes of selection and quality, we have a Food Engineer to oversee the entire process and ensure the best quality possible.