We strive to provide accurate analyses to our production sites to ensure that our products meet international standards of quality.

Our integrated concept of quality management system covers food safety, environment and occupational health, where we recognize our customer’s satisfaction as being the driving force of the processes.

 With one laboratory unit in each one of our production sites, we are sure that our products are leading brands in the market due to their quality.

Planning and control allows the monitoring of QUALITY since the start of operations of material to final product delivery. Within this category are the controls on receipt of wheat, pre-cleaning, cleaning of grain, milling, flour in all its types, mixtures of flour, vitamin control, bagging and bulk, term treatment. Guarantee of special protocols in flour.

Those in charge of the area and the modern laboratory, with which we make possible to search new alternatives for the permanent improvement of OUR PRODUCTS, develop the research and control the processes and results.


Innovation is part of our management philosophy, making us more competitive in an increasingly demanding market