To facilitate and offer comfort and safety to our customers, we launched the online B2B shopping App Gweva. Fast, efficient, and safe. The customer no longer needs to movement to make purchases of his Merec products, with a mobile phone he can places his order and receives it, at the door of his shop.

Gweva can receive small and large orders, so that it doesn’t exclude any type of customer. In addition to orders, in Gweva our customers can control their orders and have information about prices, and promotions that Merec offers.

Gweva is currently available only for Android phones.
To download the app, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your phone’s google play store.

2. Search for: Gweva;

3. Download the application

After downloading the application, you must register with the application, following the steps until you receive confirmation of registration.

Remember that the data provided must be legitimate to avoid future constraints.