At Merec we aren’t just employees, we are a Family. We value the long-term relationships with our employees, so that we make them feel like they are in their second home. We are proud to be able to count with collaborators from our day one still now, to help us build our history and our legacy.

Being part of Merec isn’t just about having a job, it is about being proud to feed Mozambique with high quality products produced by Mozambicans and in Mozambique.

The team spirit is alive in every plan, project, or action that we do, based on the unity and harmony between our teams. But also, we support our employees individually in their professional and personal growth, as we believe that the effort of each one makes everyone's success.

Our values are: Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Transparency and Responsibility.

And that is why our employees wear the shirt: Eu Sou Merec!

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